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Ways to Experience the Bliss

Ways to Experience the Bliss

Humans are searching for peace and want to experience bliss.
Humans want to get it by searching.
First he search for knowledge then he search for work
After that he search for money then search for
network, relationship and power.

When you find a moment to reflect on your actions and accomplishments,
take the time to sit and ponder.
Are those with wealth the ones who find peace and experience bliss?
Do those with power, networks, and resources find peace and experience bliss?
Are the ‘smart’ individuals, adept at managing business, relationships,
and earning a livelihood, the ones who experience bliss and peace?
What about those versed in scriptures and holy books,
Are they the ones who find peace and experience bliss?

Unfortunately, neither money, power, nor knowledge
can guarantee inner peace or the experience of bliss.
Because this is all about the accumulation but
you want to experience the bliss,
which is your own nature
acquiring something which is yours but not you, won’t help.

Having money, power, knowledge solves lots of the problem around us and
gives the temporary solution of our permanent problem.
Restlessness of mind, desire to do something,
desire to get something, desire to become something, are you permanent problems.

The right way to the peaceful and experience the bliss is to Transcend
the work, money, power and knowledge.
Dropping the desire to get by doing.
But knowing what I want to get I already have.

But this is extremely difficult because
we do not experience that we are full
where we want to go we are already at that point.

This is difficult because we want to justify
our desire of running, working and doing.
Because human is rational creature,
So they ask that question why I am running, working or doing.
Answer they give is to get something or
achieve something which is highly important and meaningful.

What is meaningful and what not,
we decide that and after achieving that meaning we still remain restless.
It is not only we who are doing it.
There have been people in the past who have been doing it and
there are the people around us who are doing it
and they didn’t get that peace and bliss
but we think we will get it.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari