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What Is Success?

What Is Success?

A mosquito or flee is roaming around and disturbing you
You plan to kill it, and you killed it, it is a success.
An employee is looking for rupees 10000
for his child’s hospital expenses and
HR could arrange that finally, it is a success for him.
A child wants to pass her 5th class exam
and if she passes it, it is a success.
If you want to through a used napkin in a dustbin
and it goes there inside, it is a success.

So success means you want to do something
and it happens the way you want.
Either it happens through
your own resources, time, money, efforts, etc
or someone gives you or it happens by chance
that is immaterial to the definition of success.

Sometimes people associate the timing of success,
resources used for success and
location of success as success criteria.

For example, I must pass my exam
without external help (resources) this month (time)
from my home town (location)

Wise people plan for success and
unwise don’t plan or don’t work the plan but want success.
Luck may favor sometimes wise and sometimes unwise.

That time if a wise person thinks
my planning was not needed for this success
then it is not correct thinking.
And if an unwise or lazy person thinks that
success is by chance,
see I got for which other struggles whole life,
it is also not correct thinking.

Leaving actions to God and waiting for the results of fate
without action is not a way of a devotee.
After putting your best efforts, leaving results or fruits of action
to fate and God is wiser thinking.

O Pratibimba, what is success for you?
Who decides success for you?
What is the role of action and fate in success?
Is it necessary to be successful in life?
Is living life without any self-defined goal, not success itself?

Tat Tvam Asi
Your Truly Hari