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When To Reincarnate?

When To Reincarnate?

Either by choice or by chance you are in a profession
which you feel pride in or makes your living from.
Some are saints, some are robbers and thieves,
Some are scientists or doctors or engineers
or teachers or politicians or preachers
or terrorist or activist or evangelist and millions of others.

There are two kinds of fights
within the professions & between the professions.
Fight within the profession helps improving an existing profession.
The fight between the professions wants to demolish other professions.

It is foolish to think that one day
there will be permanent peace in this world.
Peace can never be permanent.
DevAsura Sangram is a concept of the eternal fight in Sanatana dharma.

Every profession has some role to play in this fight.
The only question is the ratio of professionals within the ecosystem.

100% terrorist or 100% saints,
or one bad for every good,
or one doctor for every patient,
or one teacher for every learner, etc.
All of these are ideal situations.

But 100% saint or good is the ideal human striving for.
All the time humans struggle to reduce the strength
and population of terrorists or bad is a fight to reestablish
the equilibrium and not to break the same.

What you say negative forces, they can never become zero.
1% is reasonable or .001% is reasonable that can be debated.
In fact, this increasing % of terrorists or bad
beyond some tolerance limit of any society
gives rise to the concept of
re-establishment of dharma and the need for Avatar.

Do you think the time has come
to re-establish Dharma in
your profession, Society, or personal life?
Do you think Rama within will reincarnate
and fight back to establish that Dharma?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari