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Why do we need family

Why do we need family?

Knowledge resides within books for the next generation or
sharing with those whom the author cannot directly reach.

Knowledge is within tradition,
but that is for family, friends, and those close around us.
No book is required for this kind of knowledge sharing.

Families hold traditions and professions.
Traditions and professions are knowledge systems
that have been acquired from earlier generations,
refined, and passed on to the next generation.
A family is necessary to pass knowledge to the next generation.

But if we are production machines,
contributing to the nation’s GDP,
creating material assets for ourselves,
what knowledge do we possess that necessitates a family?

Nowadays, people seek family to address
problems of loneliness, entertainment, and sexual desires.
However, are today’s families solving these problems?
If so, then why do people feel stress,
and why do they seek entertainment channels?

Thus, it neither solves the problem of loneliness
nor we holds any specific knowledge or profession
that we can hand over to the next generation.
Then, why do we need family?

A farmer’s child can become a farmer
because knowledge is received from the family. A soldier’s child can become a soldier
because knowledge is received from the family. Similarly, for doctors, nursing, teaching, carpentry.
But nowadays, we can learn all these from college.
It’s different when people don’t find career opportunities;
they forget that and do something else for a living.

Simply because the nation needs a next workforce.
We are creating families
so that the nation can collect taxes from our earnings.
But when machines become the workforce,
and an owner can earn more he can be taxed more by the government, Purpose is fullfilled, why do we need a family?

Do you know what traditions we have, what knowledge we’ve received from our ancestors, what knowledge we’ve refined and expanded in our lifetime, that we want to protect or pass on to the next generations?

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari