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The Logic of Entangled Mind

You Can Never Speak The Truth

Human words, grammar, and speech are tools to hide the truth.
What really exists, you know and experience
But, if you say anything about that truth
then you are hiding some truth.

Truth exists in a certain way.
It existed even before our languages were developed,
our civilization has words and grammar to communicate that.
It exists even today.

When we are telling about this existential truth to some other person.
We have some intention, we use words
But in this process no matter how hard we try,
No matter how efficient or fluent we are in a particular language
No matter how honest and intelligent we are
We are telling about the truth.
We cannot say the complete truth.

If you really want to communicate the truth
then the best way is to use silence.
But the problem is most of humanity doesn’t understand this language.
We don’t know any language, that exists without grammar, words, and sounds.
Therefore when we speak, we speak to hide. we speak untruth.

We can observe three kinds of truth around us,
Social truths like; The sun rises in the east,
helping a poor will get the blessing for you, and
respecting elders will get prosperity and wealth to you, etc.

Cultural truth like Shiva lives in mountains,
Jesus is the only son of God,
When you are speaking lie then Saitan is influencing you, etc.

Scientific truth like a proton is heavier than an electron,
nothing travels faster than light,
gravity on the earth is 9.8 m/s^2

Pay deep attention to the above all kinds of truth
and ask yourself, is it really the truth or just a common believe
that helps all of us, navigating the world around
but this has nothing to do with existential truth.

If, some nation or culture believes in something
that doesn’t become the truth because of their belief,
If, entire humanity believes in something
that doesn’t become the truth because of your belief.
Truth exists, whether you believe it or not
Whether you say it or not.
Whether you write or not.
Truth always exists silently.
In your words, it gets lost,
Sometimes sugar-coated other times Neem coated.
So, saying truth is bitter or saying truth is sweet,
Saying truth is bright like the sun in the presence of which darkness wash away
All are your untruth.

O Chaitnya, the Truth is tasteless, it is wordless, colorless
but part of your experience.
In fact, your existence is truth without any poem or words.

Hari Om Tat Sat
Yours Truly Hari