AI ML Resources from My Diary

This is my personal diary which contains resources, which I know, learned or people have told me to experiment with. I started writing this diary in Mar’ 2019. This diary is related to my work/learning in data science, AI, ML, NLP, DL, GNN, GAN, Statistics, etc. A few links related to Software Development, People Management, Project Management are also kept in this diary. The resources here are python/R library link, blog articles, YouTube video links, article links, AI products links, architecture, images etc. The Table of Content and Content of this diary is not any specific order. Whatever I was/am getting I keep adding into this, mostly towards the end but not always.

This is a 390 page personal learning diary and it contains approx 1000 resources. List of the resources available in this file are mentioned below.

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Table of Contents

  1. ITU-AI-ML-in-5g-challenge / GNN Challenge
  2. Graph Neural Networks - a perspective from the ground up
  3. sebastianraschka DS courses
  4. github: Pycaret
  5. TF GNN
  6. Mainfold Learning
  7. Summary of Data Science
  8. Dr Repair - Graph-based, Self-Supervised Program Repair from Diagnostic Feedback
  9. Interesting way to analyze a time series
  10. Scrum vs Kanban
  11. Leadership Qualities
  12. Graph for Timeseries
  13. Merlion
  14. GNN based Movie Trailer Generator
  15. Notation — ML Glossary documentation
  16. How to Improve
  17. Machine Learning & Data Science Competitions - ML Contests
  18. The evolution of the Employee
  19. Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course at CDS – NYU Center for Data Science
  20. Taxonomy of GNN Learning Methods
  21. GNN for Novice
  22. Some free alternatives software to MATLAB
  23. 500 Page Book on Quantum Computing
  24. 2022 Top 22 Tech Trends
  25. Acing Data Science Interview Questions
  26. Garbage Features
  27. SQL Training
  28. Process Mining
  29. Best Graph Neural Network architectures: GCN, GAT, MPNN and more \ AI Summer
  30. Free AI, DL, Maths, Python Resources
  31. Merlion Architecture
  32. 70 Free Online Courses for Data Science to Advance Your Skills in 2022
  33. Machine Learning Simplified
  34. The most innovative AI algorithms released in 2022 (till date)
  35. Transformer Takeover in AI
  36. AIOPS
  37. DS Books
  38. Techprofree books
  39. Autoencoders-tutorial
  40. GNN
  41. github: 500-AI-Machine-learning-Deep-learning-Computer-vision
  42. The NLP Index: 3,000+ code repos
  43. github: Nyandwi/machine_learning_complete
  44. Leadership Lessons from APJ Kalam
  45. Github: Python framework to explore, label, monitor data nlp projects
  46. Maths for Data Science by IITM
  47. Datarobot
  48. github: SeldonIO
  49. Internshala
  50. konfhub
  51. Machine Learning Projects in Python
  52. github: Merlion
  53. github: aws-samples ml-inference-using aws lambda
  54. Traditional ML vs Transfer Learning
  55. How To Use The 4 Types Of Intelligence To Make Better Decisions
  56. Microsoft SDE Sheet - Top 35 Most Frequently asked
  57. Global AI Hub – Build your future
  58. Keras community built 100 concise and clear code examples
  59. Intro to machine learning compilers and optimizers
  60. Approaches to process and classify images in a new way.
  61. Inductive link prediction in knowledge graphs
  62. TensorFlow tutorials
  63. DevOps - Azure Board Training
  64. Intelligent Graph
  65. Great NLP, Text Mining Talks post
  66. Google Cloud Tools
  67. Spark NLP \ State of the Art Natural Language Processing \ John Snow Labs
  68. Channels to Learn Python
  69. What is Neural Network? How does it understand things?
  70. World’s Leading AI and Technology Publication
  71. Skills, Roles and Responsibilities in Data Science
  72. Complexity Explorer
  73. Network Science by Albert-László Barabási
  74. Graph Neural Networks: Models and Applications
  75. NLP in Notebooks Competition
  76. GNN TimeSeries Intelligence
  77. Tuning Neural Networks Part I: normalize your data
  78. Multi-paragraph segmentation
  79. Machine Learning 2020 summary: 84 interesting papers/articles
  80. GitHub Announces GitHub Open-Source Grants Recipients In India
  81. Watch “Python Tutorial For Beginners In Hindi (With Notes) 🔥” on YouTube
  82. Quantum Computing Course
  83. Optimum: The Optimization Toolkit for Transformers at Scale
  85. Textless NLP: Generating expressive speech from raw audio
  86. Textless NLP: Generating expressive speech from raw audio
  87. How Data-Centric Platforms Solve the Biggest Challenges for MLOps - The Databricks Blog
  88. Best Resources to Learn Natural Language Processing in 2021 - KDnuggets
  89. Index of Best AI/Machine Learning Resources \ Hacker Noon
  90. Qwiklabs - Hands-On Cloud Training
  91. Introduction to Graph Neural Network (GNN) \ Analytics Steps
  92. Watch “Auto Tensorflow - End to End AutooML solution - Exclusive Launch” on YouTube
  93. Graph Database, GraphQL and Machine Learning for Carbohydrate-Active Enzymes
  94. Pydantic experiment
  95. Graph ML
  96. Reinforcement Learning Lecture Series 2021 \ DeepMind
  97. Advances in Cybernetics, Cognition, and Machine Learning for Communication … - Google Books
  98. Visualization — Effective Python for Data Scientists
  99. The NLP Index
  100. Github: Anomaly Detection Open source
  101. Patsy: Build Features with Arbitrary Python Code - Data Science Simplified
  102. Introducing OpenSearch \ AWS Open Source Blog
  103. End-to-End Differentiable Molecular Mechanics Force Field Construction
  104. Learning resources \ DeepMind
  105. Understanding LSTM Networks – colah’s blog
  106. Machine Learning Models as Micro Services in Docker
  107. Unsupervised Learning Techniques
  108. A 10 free ‘Springer’ Books on the Topics of AI, Ethics, Machine Learning, Robotics, Cybersecurity, Philosophy, Science & Innovation
  109. Deep Learning on Graphs: Past, Present, And Future :
  110. Watch “Ask the Expert: VS Code: Development in the Open” on YouTube
  111. Analytics Tools
  112. Online Data Science Course from Univ
  113. ML Powered Apps vs Traditional Programming
  114. Task:Introduction to Deep Learning
  115. How Pokémon GO scales to millions of requests? \ Google Cloud Blog
  116. A programmers guide to data mining
  117. Pokeman go architecture
  118. GNN summary paper
  119. Regression Cheatsheet
  120. Github: Data deduplication tool
  121. Kappa for model evaluation
  122. Data science resources
  123. IIT Bombay Invites Applications from Students for Free Online Course on Quantum Mechanics
  124. ViT
  125. How Storytelling Affects the Brain
  126. Navigating the Dozens of Different Strategy Options
  127. Pytorch
  128. GNN
  129. AutoML
  130. Deep Graph Neural Networks
  131. Meta’s Neural Prophet
  132. Summary of HTTP Errors
  134. What is R used for?
  135. Intermittent Demand Forecasting with Deep Renewal Processes – Deep & Shallow
  136. Github: GNN Challenge 2021
  137. Holographic Principles
  138. GNN Notation
  139. AI Consulting: In-depth Guide with Top AI Consulting Firms
  140. 4 Keys to Effective—and Honest—Data Visualizations
  141. SVM
  142. ML For Managers
  143. How to Talk to Your Data Scientist \ HuffPost Impact
  144. Simplex Method with NumPy and Matrix Operations
  145. Optimization problem
  146. Difference between Soft Computing and Hard Computing
  147. A Global Breakdown of Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector
  148. Turing Bletchley: A Universal Image Language Representation model by Microsoft - Microsoft Research
  149. Timeseries Library
  150. 10 Mysterious And Rare Artifacts You Didn’t Know Before - TopTenScience
  151. Categorical Encoding Cheat Sheet
  152. Quantum Computing
  153. NeurlPS 2021—12 papers You Shouldn’t miss
  154. Architecture of Modules in Merlion
  155. poetry python dependency and package manager
  156. The Technique of English Word Syllable Division in Speech …
  157. Tutorial on reading large datasets \ Kaggle
  158. NVIDIA NLP in Production
  159. Glassdoor Data Science Career Path
  160. Google Using Deep Learning to Design Chips
  162. 280+ Machine Learning Projects with Python
  163. Machine learning engineer R&R
  164. CNN and Transformer
  165. AI, ML Tools
  166. SBI Innovate for Bank 2022 Hackathon Technology Partner Microsoft \ TechGig
  167. Intro to Intel’s Distribution of OpenVino Toolkit
  168. A Practical Strategy to Share the Code among Different Notebooks \ by Angelica Lo Duca \ Towards AI
  169. Chart type selection
  170. Monitoring NLP Pipelines
  171. The Best NLP with Deep Learning Course is Free
  172. Yellowbrick Python Library for ML
  173. GoogleNews pip
  174. Spring 2021 Schedule - Full Stack Deep Learning
  175. Book Recommender System
  176. Airflow
  177. Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning
  178. Data integrity issues
  179. MLOPS with AWS 9 Weeks Course
  180. Streamlit Tutorials Playlist
  181. Online AI projects
  182. 3D Vision Summer School
  183. 40 Open-Source Audio Datasets for ML
  184. Intro to Intel’s OpenAPI
  185. HackerNoon
  186. ML Tools
  187. Data Science Competitions
  188. PyScript - JavaScript’s sweet cousin.
  189. GraphWorld: A Methodology For Analyzing The Performance Of GNN Architectures
  190. github: connorferster
  191. SQL Joins
  192. Handling Missing Data
  193. ML Pipeline
  194. Generative Process - Overview of Neural Testbed
  195. github: SeldoneO
  196. Tracking Progress in Natural Language Processing \ NLP-progress
  197. Neural Voice Camouflage
  198. 9 Free Cloud Storage
  199. Generative Adversarial Networks \ Generative Models
  200. Watch “Markov Chains Clearly Explained! Part - 1” on YouTube
  201. Stastistical tests
  202. Watch “How to write a report using LATEX” on YouTube
  203. AIM Survey - State of AI in Indian Enterprises
  204. Data-Centric AI Competition Submission Guide
  205. Understanding the role of individual units in a deep neural network \ PNAS
  206. TPOT
  207. Alexnet Architecture \ Introduction to Architecture of Alexnet
  208. Watch “Introduction to AWS Services” on YouTube
  209. Watch “Microservices Interview questions \ Interview Preparation” on YouTube
  210. Watch “12 Factors App \ MicroServices Architecture \ Cloud Native Best Practices” on YouTube
  211. Watch “Microservices Design Patterns \ Microservices Architecture Patterns \ Edureka” on YouTube
  212. Watch “Microservices vs API \ Differences Between Microservice and API \ Edureka” on YouTube
  213. Watch “Build a custom ML model with Vertex AI” on YouTube
  214. [Infographics] Data Science Skills Roadmap: Skills and Certifications to Have in 2021 \ SDS Club
  215. Autoencoders in Python \ How to use Autoencoders in Python
  216. How to Calculate Feature Importance With Python
  217. MLOps - Machine Learning Operations
  218. Ten Highest Paying Companies for Data Scientists in 2021
  219. MLOps Course \ MLOps Online Training, India - 360DigiTMG
  220. Continuous Integration and Deployment for Machine Learning
  221. Why AI is a game-changer for renewable energy \ EY - US
  222. Worldscholarship Forum
  223. Bird Song Classification using Siamese Networks and Dilated Convolutions
  224. Matplotlib vs. Plotly: Let’s Decide Once and for All
  225. Dispatch from Bangalore – TechCrunch
  226. RoBERTa building for Italian lang
  227. PyTorch 1.9 - Towards Distributed Training and Scientific Computing
  228. Train New BERT Model on Any Language
  229. How to Create Report-Ready Plots in Python
  230. OpenAI Launches GitHub Copilot: AI Focused On Code Generation. Should We Be Worried Now?
  231. What OpenAI and GitHub’s ‘AI pair programmer’ means for the software industry
  232. Importing/Reading Excel data into R using RStudio (readxl) \ R Tutorial 1.5b \ MarinStatsLectures
  233. How I passed the AWS Solutions Architect Associate Exam in 1 month 2021
  234. Hindawi Journals
  235. Is it possible to use multithreading inside of Flask?
  236. Introduction to Deep Learning
  237. 100+ Free Machine Learning Books
  238. Free online book - Machine Learning from Scratch
  239. Skill Basics
  240. Operating System For Machine Learning & AI
  241. From Pandas to PySpark with Koalas
  242. Free Data Science, Machine Learning
  243. NET Architecture Guides
  244. Getting Started with GPT-3 in Power Platform
  245. Netflix Recommendations
  246. Techlearn
  247. Data Ingestion with TensorFlow eXtended (TFX)
  248. The ExampleGen TFX Pipeline Component
  249. The School of AI
  250. Github: GREMLIN: An Apache TinkerPop Tutorial
  251. Quantum Machine Learning
  252. Quantum Machine Learning MOOC
  253. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
  254. Quantum Computation
  255. Qiskit
  256. TensorFlow Quantum
  257. CirqBasics.ipynb - Colaboratory
  258. QpiAI - AI and Quantum Simplified
  259. MadewithML
  260. Kick Start - Google’s Coding Competitions
  261. Online Python Challenges - Python Principles
  262. Gaining access to the best machine-learning methods - O’Reilly Radar
  263. Data Science Blogathon - 11
  264. The Machine & Deep Learning Compendium
  265. Github: NLP Resources dlg4nlp
  266. Machine Learning Life Cycle 2.0 - Mind Map
  267. Handbook on Data Protection and Privacy
  268. 6 low-code internal tool builders in 2021
  269. AI books
  270. Resources to learn DS
  271. Parallel Processing and Pandas
  272. Julia vs. Python
  273. Introduction to Computational Thinking
  274. A fun way to start learning Julia.
  275. Data Sceince Tools
  276. 5 Most Popular Datasets
  277. Drug Discovery Using Artificial Intelligence
  278. DLG4NLP tutorial
  279. Deep Reinforcement Learning by Pieter Abbeel
  280. 6 Highest Paying Data Science Certifications You Should Know
  281. The Great Hack \ Netflix Official Site
  282. Probability for Data Scientist
  283. Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, & Machine Learning for Drug Discovery
  284. Gaussian processes (1/3) - From scratch
  285. GRAPH4NLP
  286. Computer Vision Skills
  287. The Data Science Interview Study Guide - KDnuggets
  288. GM VAE for NLP
  289. NPTEL Courses on Computer Science and Engineering
  290. VAE
  291. AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud - Price Comparision
  292. Data Analytics and Visualization Made Easy - Juice Analytics
  293. JupyterLab vs DataSpell
  294. Top 15 YouTube Channels For Deep Learning
  295. GitHub : TheAlgorithms/Python
  296. Github: Label Studio Spacy
  297. Free Data Science Courses - 11-Months Free IBM Certification Courses
  298. Data Science Links
  299. Free AI Resources - MarkTechPost
  300. General and Scalable Parallelization for Neural Networks
  301. Why Machine Learning Is Changing The Advertising Industry
  302. Marketers: Here’s Your Statistical Models Cheat Sheet
  303. The Current Applications Of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile Advertising
  304. Statistical Inference
  305. CNN + Jraph in Colab
  306. YouTube Courses
  307. Graph Neural Networks in Colab
  308. Github: Must Practice this GNN notebook
  309. Interview-question-data-science
  310. How to Become Better Listener
  311. Imbalance Training Data
  312. Introduction to Probability for Data Science
  313. Data retrieval with SQL, data manipulation MIT Software tool class
  314. 7 Ways how Data Scientists use Statistics
  315. Google Data Science Interview Questions and Answers
  316. Best Free Machine Learning Books
  317. Machine Learning Algorithms Cheatsheet
  318. Tools for Data sourcing, data wrangling, data application
  319. Great Leaders Are Confident, Connected, Committed, and Courageous
  320. 25 Github Repositories Every Python Developer Should Know
  321. 11 Automatic Machine Learning Frameworks in 2022
  322. Data Science Roles, Responsibilties, Tools
  323. Debugging in Python
  324. TensorFlow Introduces TensorFlow Graph Neural Networks (TF-GNNs)
  325. India has wasted the potential of its large young population
  326. The Power of Visualization in Data Science
  327. Text Generation from Knowledge Graphs
  328. Evidently AI - Open-Source Machine Learning Monitoring
  329. ShaplyAI
  330. BentoML
  331. MLOps Toys \ A Curated List of Machine Learning Projects
  332. Github: AI Fairness 360
  333. Analytics for LinkedIn
  334. Data Visualization Tools
  335. Graph ML 2022
  336. Graph Neural Networks through the lens of Differential Geometry and Algebraic Topology
  337. Data universe
  338. 15 Graphs You Need to See to Understand AI in 2021
  339. 2021’s Top Stories About AI - IEEE Spectrum
  340. The Pattern of Success in the Digital Leadership World
  341. Yann LeCun’s Deep Learning Course at CDS
  342. The best graph tool
  343. Github: 365 days computer vision
  344. Pytorch is a Deep Learning framework
  345. Rising Against the Diminisher
  346. Category - Programming Books
  347. Designing Event-Driven Systems
  348. Github: Seldon Core: Blazing Fast, Industry-Ready ML
  349. Databricks
  350. Deepfake using conv vision transformer
  351. Detection of Fake Reviews on Online Review Platforms using Deep Learning Architectures
  352. GNN Intro
  353. 50 Best Data Science Project Ideas -2022
  354. 60 Best Free Online Courses for Machine Learning & AI in 2022
  355. Data Lifecycle
  356. Github: HiPlot - High dimensional Interactive Plotting
  357. 6.10. Visualization — Effective Python for Data Scientists
  358. Data Science Practices & Tools
  359. Reproducibility in ML
  360. Week 4 - Reproducibility in Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice - Koustuv Sinha
  361. Designing, Visualizing, and Understanding Deep Neural Networks
  362. YOLO v4 explained in full detail
  363. Phases OF Dev-Ops
  365. PyCaret with FastAPI
  366. 18 Data Science Podcasts
  367. Effective Testing for Machine Learning (Part I)
  369. Simple Explanation of LSTM \ Deep Learning Tutorial 36 (Tensorflow, Keras & Python)
  370. Covid19 forecasting
  371. COVID-19: Face Mask Detection using TensorFlow and OpenCV
  372. 14 Python Lib for Cyber Security
  373. Roles in Data Science Project
  374. Computer vision datasets: VisualData Discovery
  375. DatAndroid Dataset
  376. Pandas online learning
  377. MongoDB Fundamentals Course
  378. GroundedML — ICLR 2022
  379. PyTorch vs. TensorFlow: Which Framework Is Best for Your Deep Learning Project?
  380. MLOps \ Bring DevOps To Data Science With MLOps
  381. Data science project life cycle
  382. Devops life cycle
  383. Continuous integration
  384. 3 ways to use data, analytics, and machine learning in test automation
  385. Automated Functional Testing - Software Testing Tool
  386. Using sub graph for more expressive GNN
  388. NanoEdge AI Studio
  389. How I Built an ML Algorithm to Improve Test Automation
  390. AI and ML in Testing: X Tips To Make Test Automation Effective
  391. KerGNNs: Interpretable Graph Neural Networks with Graph Kernels
  392. TOP 10 GitHub Repositories for Data Science
  393. Real-time machine learning: challenges and solutions
  394. How to Read ML Papers Easily
  395. Rulebased chatbot in Python
  396. Forecasting: Principles and Practice
  397. Chapter 10 Forecasting hierarchical or grouped time series
  398. Will we see GPT-3 moment for computer vision?
  399. Tiny ML, Quantum ML, Auto ML, MLOps, Fusll Stack DL
  400. List of Unicorns Startups in India \ Top Unicorns in India
  401. SQL vs NoSQL Tools for Cloud
  402. Free AI Introductory Course For All
  403. Stanford CS224U Natural Language Understanding Spring 2021
  404. Grouped multivariate and functional time series forecasting:
  405. Cloud security assessment checklist
  406. Python Cheat Sheet
  407. Neural Network Types
  408. Data Science Interview Questions
  409. Ace the Data Science Interview book
  410. Cracking-the-data-science-interview
  411. Relationship Extraction for Knowledge Graph Creation From Biomedical Literature
  412. DS Community
  413. Metaverse – A New Era Emerging
  414. Tensorflow data validation
  415. Page rank Algo
  416. Github: Auto Tensorflow
  417. IIT Madras Offers Free Online 12- Week Certificate Course on AI
  418. Top 10 Applications of Machine Learning in Cybersecurity
  419. How to handle Emoji ‘😄’ & Emoticon ‘ :-) ’ in text preprocessing?
  420. Text Detection and Extraction using OpenCV and OCR
  421. Devanagari Handwritten Character Dataset Data Set
  422. Hindi-OCR
  423. Stack exchange all rooms
  424. How to improve Hindi text extraction?
  425. What is Categorical Data \ Categorical Data Encoding Methods
  426. DART
  427. TimeSeries Forecasting models
  428. Statistical Distances
  429. AI Usecases
  430. Architecture-to-operationalize-ML
  432. DeepMind shares a list of free AI & ML resources
  433. AI course
  434. TOC of AI course
  435. Data Science Conceptual Map
  436. Layers in NLP
  437. Regression Analysis Estimation and Error Function
  438. NLI for DB
  439. Transformer models - Hugging Face Course
  440. Learning From Data - Online Course (MOOC)
  441. Find Leadership Courses
  442. Wrapper to load dataset from remote PyTorch dataset
  443. Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by IIT Madras
  444. How well do explanation methods for machine-learning models work?
  445. Confusion Matrix for 2+ Classes
  446. ML Algo Cheat Sheet
  447. Machine Learning Algorithms Free course 8hours
  448. AI Technologies in Construction
  449. Github: Data drift what next
  450. Cross Validation - Hold Out, K-Fold, LOOCV
  451. Data Science Project Lifecycle
  452. Data Science Tools, Algorithms, Pipeline
  453. Graph neural networks (GNNs)
  454. GNN
  455. Clustering
  456. How to master Streamlit for data science
  457. [ML News] ConvNeXt: Convolutions return
  458. Nature of Research and Questions
  459. Tips for Sailing Data Science job
  460. 7 Interactive Bioinformatics Plots made in Python and R
  461. Installing Python Packages from a Jupyter Notebook
  462. Neural Networks on Graph
  463. Live code Visualization notebook
  464. What Is a Bitcoin ATM?
  465. A New Reinforcement Learning Based Method - Dead-end-Discovery
  466. Next Level of Data Visualization in Python
  467. 7 Plotly Graphs in 3D: Stocks, Cats, and Lakes
  468. Github: Interactive graph in Python
  469. Modern Deep Learning Techniques Applied to Natural Language Processing by Authors
  470. NLP with Deep Learning Video playlist Standford Online
  471. Michigan University Fall 2020 Schedule
  472. Deep Learning for Video, Master in Computer Vision Barcelona 2019
  473. Computer Vision course at CTU in Prague
  474. Github: DS Cheat sheets
  475. ML Cheatsheet
  476. IIT Khadakpur Sanskrit NLP
  477. Making Sanskrit Accessible through AI-based Text Processing
  478. Fundamentals of NLP research in Sanskrit
  479. Is Sanskrit the most suitable language for natural language processing?
  480. Sanskrit github
  481. 10 Data Analysis Methods
  482. AI NLP Timeline and the Transformer Family
  483. Introduction by Example - pytorch_geometric 2.0.4
  484. Python Notebook to Webapp
  485. 18 Feb Trending Github
  486. Real time machine-learning challenges and solutions
  487. How Machine Learning Can Help Test Automation
  488. Test Automation in the World of AI & ML
  489. Maths for neuroscience
  490. HyperSense AI Studio \ No Code Platform \ AutoML
  491. Top 20 Websites for Data Science and ML
  492. Websites for competitive programming
  493. Raspberry pi
  494. Library for Auto labelling
  495. Github: Using AWS Lamda and EFS
  496. Resources and tools
  497. Paying the hidden technical debt
  498. Hidden Technical Debt
  499. Technical Debt in Machine Learning
  500. Hidden technical debt in machine learning systems
  501. Best Docket Cheatsheets
  502. How to Scale AI in Your Organization?
  503. CVPR 2022 paper Lifelong Graph Paper
  504. DataOps Tools
  505. NLP Repo
  506. 100+ data science Cheatsheet
  507. Ignnition enabled fast prototyping of GNN
  508. Deep Learning with PyTorch, Full course
  509. List of Language Models
  510. AI Books Cover Pages
  511. Solution approach for ai problems
  512. Algorithms and their applications
  513. What is Outlier \ PyOD For Outlier Detection in Python
  514. Free ML tools from Microsoft
  515. How to Easily Automate Emails with Python
  516. Publicly Real-World Datasets To Evaluate Stream Learning Algorithms
  517. Companies hiring data scientist
  518. Google drive DS material
  519. Microsoft Is Going Global With Speech Enablement
  520. A topic-centric list of HQ open datasets
  521. Top Explainable AI (XAI) Python Frameworks in 2022
  522. MLOPs with AWS Cloud
  523. The world of machine learning algorithms
  524. Think Big Data
  525. 9 Reasons - Why Artificial Intelligence is So Essential Right Now?
  526. Data Science Lifecycle
  527. ML Deployment Tools
  528. Machine Learning
  529. New Generation Technologies
  530. 10 free websites To learn Web3 and Blockchain development
  531. Blockchain Technologies
  532. Web3 Stack
  533. Machine Learning with Signal Processing Techniques
  534. Nasa’s SpaceML Tool
  535. SpaceML Taps Satellite Images to Help Model Wildfire Risks
  536. The Best Open Source Chatbot Platforms in 2022
  537. 13 Best AI Chatbot Development Framework & Platforms
  538. 10 Best Chatbot Development Frameworks to Build Powerful Bots
  539. Learning Representations of Geographic Locations From Unlabeled GPS Trajectories
  540. Deep Learning Streaming Platform
  541. Fake data Library
  542. Top Explainable AI Frameworks
  543. The Top 5 AI/Machine Learning blogs
  544. Industry application of NLP
  545. Airflow vs Luigi vs Argo vs Kubeflow vs MLFlow
  546. ML Platforms: Dataiku vs. Alteryx vs. Sagemaker vs. Datarobot
  547. Machine Learning Applied to Bigdata
  548. Top Responsible AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools in 2022
  549. Machine Learning Zoomcamp
  550. 90+ Data Science Projects You Can Try with Python
  551. How to implement data-centric AI in NLP
  552. Issue #190 - THE ML ENGINEER
  553. Machine Learning in Alteryx with PyCaret
  554. Machine Learning in Tableau with PyCaret
  555. Machine Learning for Cyber Security
  556. Google AI Introduces LocoProp
  557. Distributed Training in TensorFlow with AI Platform & Docker
  558. Serve hundreds to thousands of ML models : Architectures from industry
  559. An Exhaustive Read & Watch List for AI
  560. ML Concepts
  561. Reco: Introduction to Probability for Data Science
  562. Supervised Clustering: How to Use SHAP Values for Better Cluster Analysis
  563. Github: 800 free #ComputerScience classes
  564. Mathematics of Big Data and Machine Learning @MIT
  565. Linear Algebra @MIT
  566. CS109A Data Science @Harvard
  567. NLP with Deep Learning by Stanford
  568. Google Vizier: A Service for Black-Box Optimization
  569. Tinker With a Neural Network in Browser
  570. Hand Gesture Recognition - Pretrained
  571. Blockchain Tech
  572. Distributed GNN training
  573. Serverless computing for GNN
  574. Graph Analysis to Fight Fraud
  575. Transfer Learning Colab Note
  576. Introduction to Vertex AI \ Google Cloud
  577. Continuous Integration for Machine Learning: Testing ML Models
  578. Computer Vision Nanodegree​
  579. Sign up: Kaggle x Scale AI offer
  580. Seminal Work in Data Science
  581. Metaverse beyond the hype
  582. Vertex AI: Qwik Start \ Google Cloud Skills Boost
  583. How Azure Machine Learning works (v2) - Azure Machine Learning \ Microsoft Docs
  584. Github probml/pml2-book
  585. Probabilistic ML
  586. Systematic Evaluation of Causal Discovery in Visual Model Based Reinforcement Learning
  587. Hypothesis Testing
  588. Architecture
  589. The Basics - Holochain Docs
  590. Understanding AlphaZero Neural Network’s SuperHuman Chess Ability
  591. Flink Vs. Spark: Difference Between Flink and Spark
  592. Design Patterns
  593. Web2 vs web3 platforms
  594. 100+ gpt3 projects
  595. Python Design Patterns
  596. Tutorial of fundamental remote sensing and GIS methodologies using open source software in python
  597. Mining Trends in Data Science Blog Headlines
  598. Best softwares for #latex like data visualisation programs
  599. Knowledge Graph-based Perspective on Named Entity Disambiguation
  600. Google Cloud Anthos Series - 1: Introduction to Anthos
  601. Securing apps for Googlers using Anthos Service Mesh
  602. Anthos supports NVIDIA GPUs
  603. Animated Chart Presentation in Jupyter Notebook.
  604. Word Error Rate in STT
  605. Quality Engineering Microservices
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  607. AI for Beginners
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  609. Language-Vision Model To Leverage Text Medical Reports For Improved Segmentation
  610. Information Theory & Bayesian ML
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  616. BEiT-3 Performance on Deep Learning Tasks
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  618. Machine Learning Systems versus Machine Learning Models
  619. Machine Learning Systems vs Machine Learning Models
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  637. Which Visualization
  638. How to Become a Data Analyst Intern - Infographic
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  640. AI Bank of Future
  641. Atomic Habits
  642. The Role of an AI Architect
  643. “An Analysis of Deep Learning Neural Networks”
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  674. What’s New in v0.6.2: Continuous Deployment and a fresh CLI
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  949. what to do when I make a mistake
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