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Ek Kendra for Data Science

One place to learn everything about Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GAN, NLP, RL. This blog contains my 3 decades experience around Data Science, Project Management, AI/ML, IT Technology, Software Development, Process Automation, Business Analytics in diverse domains like Logistic, BFSI, Health, Education, Staffing, and NGO. In various roles like Programmer, Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Product Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, Delivery Head, Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Mentors with different companies. I gained a deeper understanding about the businesses and how technology can help businesses in making better and timely decisions which can maximize the stakeholder engagement and more business. In my experience, it is trying to see the world with one eye if you are making the business decision ignoring any of these factors like
  • Technical capabilities of the organization
  • Market competition
  • Future growth
  • Current business need
  • Project budget
  • Time to respond
  • Well-defined business requirements
About data science I think, sometimes data is dying in the harddisk in dark storeroom, othertimes data it is screaming before us. But we don't want to listen other than what we like. Dying without water is one problem but dying/struggling at the bank of river is problem of many organizations. Time has come when organization need to bring their data value to their balancesheets and use this assets otherwise its is liablity to maintain those storage devices. AI is great and it is changing everything in and around our businesses, but we need to ask the project in hand is AI project or simple process automation. Due diligence to apply AI technologies is a must. Don't ask questions like how AI can help our business, or what AI tool can be used. It is like putting cart before the horse. Business does not run for technology but technology should help us doing business in efficient way. Therefore ask the question, can we do better using existing resources, technologies and processes? What is the meaning of better for us? The definition of better may be
  • Reducing cost
  • Reducing time
  • Improving quality
  • Improving customer experience
  • Reducing turnaround time
  • Reducing waste
  • Removing last moment surprises
  • Improving compliance
  • Improving brand value
  • Increasing sales
  • Or any other metrics which is important to your team, department, organization or business vertical.
About Data Science Project I think, AI is also software, but AI projects are not like typical software project. They have completely different pipelines and project lifecycle, and hence need different methodologies and tools to manage AI projects.

This is the way I live in this world.

  • Philosophy connects me to Self,
  • Management connects me to the stakeholders around,
  • Technology helps creating solution for myself and people around.
  • Before becoming the change agent, first uncluttered your own mind and space around.

Summary About Me:

Dr. Hari Thapliyal is a vivid blogger on various subjects including Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Project Management, Process Automation, PMO, Advait-Vedanta Philosophy, and Indian Culture. He has Master's degrees in Computers, Business Management, Data Science, and Economics. He is pursuing his Doctorate in AI (NLP) from the Swiss School of Business Management (Geneva, Switzerland). Hari has around 3 decades of experience in management & leadership, training, consulting, and coaching in technology. 16+ years in all phases of software product development. 10+ years in course design, training, coaching, and consulting on Project Management. 4+ years experience in course development, exploring, experimenting, training, coaching, and mentoring hundreds of professionals in Data Science, AI, CV, NLP, complex machine learning algorithms, statistical modeling, identifying patterns, and extracting valuable insights. He has diverse experience in planning & executing multiple projects and liaising with key stakeholders to identify & resolve business problems and deliver excellent results. In his spare time, he loves to track long-distance, meditate in some secluded place or in nature.
To have one-on-one coaching, counselling, mentoring session with me, you can reach me via buymeacofee (BMC) link. I conduct sessions on Data Science, AI Technologies and Project Management. 30 min life coaching sessions are free.

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