Important AI Research Papers

By this time there are thousands, if not millions, papers in AI and related technologies but I found following papers of specific interest for any serious Data Scientist.

  1. A Comprehensive Survey on Graph Neural Networks-PAPER.pdf
  2. A Selective Overview of Deep Learning-PAPER.pdf
  3. A Short introduction to boosting-PAPER.pdf
  4. A Survey of the State of Explainable AI for NLP-PAPER.pdf
  5. A Survey on Explainable AI (XAI) towards Medical XAI-PAPER.pdf
  6. AI and Ethics - Operationalising Responsible AI-PAPER.pdf
  7. Analyzing The Expressive Power of Graph Neural Network in a Spectral Perspective-PAPER.pdf
  8. Challenges in Deploying Machine Learning-PAPER.pdf
  9. Clinical AI quality improvement-PAPER.pdf
  10. DataGovernance-A conceptual framework, structured review-PAPER.pdf
  11. Detailed human avatar-PAPER.pdf
  12. DRIFT_26_CameraReadySubmission_NeurIPS_DRL-PAPER.pdf
  13. Dynamic Routing Between Capsules-PAPER.pdf
  14. Fairness in Machine Learning A Survey-PAPER.pdf
  15. Forecasting COVID-19 Confirmed Cases-PAPER.pdf
  16. Generalization Beyond Overfitting On Small Datasets-PAPER.pdf
  17. GraphMachine Learning NeurIPS 2020-PAPER.pdf
  18. Grouped Convolutional Neural Networks for Multivariate Time Series -PAPER.pdf
  19. Grouped functional time series forecasting An application to age-specific mortality rates-PAPER.pdf
  20. Hidden Technical Debt in Machine Learning Systems-PAPER.pdf
  21. Hidden technical debt in machine learning systems.pdf
  22. How to avoid machine learning pitfalls-PAPER.pdf
  23. How to Read a Paper-ARTC.pdf
  24. Identifying machine learning techniques for classification of target advertising-PAPER.pdf
  25. Large Object Storage in a Database or a Filesystem-PAPER.pdf
  26. Learning Graph Heuristic Search-PAPER.pdf
  27. Learning latent causal graphs via mixture oracles-PAPER.pdf
  28. LightGBM A Highly Efficient Gradient Boosting-PAPER.pdf
  29. Machine Learning within a Graph Database- A Case Study on Link Prediction for Scholarly Data-PAPER.pdf
  30. Merlion- A Machine Learning Library for Time Series-PAPER.pdf
  31. NeuralProphet-Explainable Forecasting at Scale-PAPER.pdf
  32. PAVE-Lazy-MDP based Ensemble to Improve Recall of Product Attribute Extraction Models-PAPER.pdf
  33. Randomforest-PAPER.pdf
  34. Receptive Fields of Single Neurones in the Cats Striate Cortex-PAPER.pdf
  35. Robotics, AI, and Humanity Science-PAPERS.pdf
  36. Scalable Linear Algebra on a Relational Database System-PAPER.pdf
  37. Scaling Large Production Clusters-PAPER.pdf
  38. Skillful writing of an awful research paper-GUIDE.pdf
  39. The Modern Mathematics of Deep Learning-PAPER.pdf
  40. Towards Demystifying Serverless Machine Learning Training-PAPER.pdf
  41. Triple-View Feature Learning for Medical Image Segmentation-PAPER.pdf
  42. Understanding Diffusion Models- A Unified Perspective-PAPER.pdf
  43. Very Deep Convolutional Networks for Large Scale Image Recognition-PAPER.pdf
  44. XGBoost A Scalable Tree Boosting System-PAPER.pdf
  45. XGBoost Reliable Large-scale Tree Boosting System-PAPER.pdf