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Book: Mindful Projet Management

Book: Mindful Projet Management

Voyage of a Project Manager

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In our modern era, a tragic trend has emerged where humans are growing increasingly desensitized and losing their inclination for deeper thought. We reside in an age of abundant information and rapidity, yet we struggle to derive meaning from this wealth of data, failing to assess the value in our pursuits and objectives. We live mechanically, skimming through endless information, social media platforms, and journeys without purposeful contemplation. We traverse through life’s milestones—education, career, marriage, wealth acquisition—unmindfully, forgetting our potential for a more purposeful existence. As the most intelligent beings known to the cosmos, we have the power to imbue life’s events with significance. After engaging with this book, your surroundings may remain unchanged, but a shift in your thought patterns can revolutionize your world, and this transformation can extend its value to others.

The narratives within these pages are rooted in reality. To ensure its accessibility to a diverse audience, I’ve tailored some accounts by adjusting their sequences and numbers. This book aims to empower professionals to extract meaningful insights even from seemingly trivial occurrences, urging us all to lead a more conscious life. My hope is that this reading inspires you to imbue every life event with significance. Whether we consider ourselves ordinary students or astute observers, the nature, our surroundings, and the cosmos continuously impart lessons. It is our responsibility to invest the time to experience and interpret these teachings within the fabric of our lives.

This self-help book caters to the realm of project leadership while steering readers toward a thoughtful approach to project management. Project management, as a profession, encapsulates diverse elements such as scope, schedule, cost, risk, quality, resources, stakeholders, and time-bound objectives aimed at instigating change sponsored by the project. Consequently, I employ project management terminology, often assigning different meanings compared to their conventional usage. If you possess some background in project management, certain terms may be familiar as they exist within this domain. I endeavor to define pertinent terms whenever they are referenced to ensure clarity and understanding.

Chapters of the Book

Lesson Set 1: Isolated Decisions
Lesson Set 2: Dilemma Due to Perceptions
Lesson Set 3: Data Is Important
Lesson Set 4: Look May Deceive You!
Lesson Set 5. Do not take Persistent Patterns Lightly
Lesson Set 6. Be in Rhythm
Lesson Set 7. Work Is Your Right, Results May be Unexpected!
Lesson Set 8: Validate Your Myths & Impressions
Lesson Set 9: Duty of Correct and Timely Correct Reporting
Lesson Set 10: Understand the Big Picture First
Lesson Set 11: Know Your Competency and Remain Focused
Lesson Set 12: Express Urgencies
Lesson Set 13: Listening to SME vs Other Stakeholders
Lesson Set 14: Experts Do Not Surrender!
Lesson Set 15: Common Sense is Uncommon!
Lesson Set 16: Delaying the Start and Ignoring the Reviews
Lesson Set 17: Conviction Leads to Action
Lesson Set 18: Plan with Vision and Work the Plan
Lesson Set 19: Attitude and Skills Both are Non-Negotiable.
Lesson Set 20: Understand the Message Rightly
Lesson Set 21: You Have to Play Your Role!
Lesson Set 22: Feedback is a Must in Communication
Lesson Set 23: Learning and Unlearning Habits
Lesson Set 24: The Cost of the Repeat Test is Not High!
Lesson Set 25: Ignoring Risk Management Is Risky
Lesson Set 26: Choose Your Attitude
Lesson Set 27: Rightly Prioritize Your Reporting Parameters
Lesson Set 28: Be Predictable
Lesson Set 29: Do not Feel Bad for Change Request
Lesson Set 30: Do not Fall into the Trap of Temptation
Lesson Set 31: Remain Firm on your Valid Demands.
Lesson Set 32: Thank God! All Do Not Think Like Me
Lesson Set 33: Acceptance of Sunk Cost
Lesson Set 34: What Are You Negotiating?
Lesson Set 35: People Filtering Process
Lesson Set 36: Action without Data-Driven Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
Lesson Set 37: Do not Give Warning Lightly
Lesson Set 38: Data for Reporting
Lesson Set 39: Measuring Scale of Happiness
Lesson Set 40: No win-win solution is Possible with Ego!
Lesson Set 41: Expressing Gratitude
Lesson Set 42: Realities of the Dream and Sleep World
Lesson Set 43: Understanding the Culture

Kindle Book Review

Indeed a Self

Hari’s “Mindful Project Management: Voyage of a Project Manager” is a literary gem that seamlessly weaves together the realms of project leadership, materialistic insights, and spiritual wisdom. This review delves into the transformative journey that Hari presents, offering readers a unique dual lens through the eyes of a seeker, combining the pragmatic lens of Project Management with the profound philosophy of Advaita or non-duality.

Journey of a Seeker: Hari’s narrative skillfully embodies the essence of a seeker, someone who keenly observes and learns from every experience. The brilliance lies in the dual perspectives - the materialistic lens of Project Management and the spiritual lens of Advaita Philosophy, or simply “Being Human”. The harmonious integration of these two perspectives creates a beautifully nuanced narrative that imparts both practical and profound insights.

Universal Applicability: The book transcends its specific focus on project management by prompting readers to apply the dual lenses of materialism and spirituality to their own lives. Each chapter serves as a rich experience shared by Hari, offering readers the chance to learn not only from his experiences but also to view life through his unique perspectives. It’s a masterclass in learning from the mistakes of others and applying these lessons to one’s own journey.

Interactive Learning: A commendable aspect of the book is Hari’s encouragement for readers to note down their learnings after each chapter. This simple yet powerful practice instills a proactive approach towards life. The author provides a valuable nugget by fostering a habit of observation, thoughtful introspection, and active learning—a habit that extends far beyond the boundaries of project management, enriching the reader’s entire life journey.

Deceptively Simple, Profoundly Wise: The stories shared by Hari may seem simple and rooted in daily experiences, but the depth of thought and introspection they carry showcases the author’s profound understanding. Despite his impressive qualifications, Hari humbly opens up his life to share invaluable lessons. This selflessness and authenticity contribute to the creation of a true self-help book, making it an invaluable resource for readers on their seeking and learning journey.

In Conclusion: “Mindful Project Management” is a masterpiece that combines the practical and the profound, the materialistic and the spiritual. Hari’s ability to communicate complex ideas with simplicity, coupled with the interactive learning approach, makes this book a treasure trove of wisdom. It is not just a guide for project managers but a compass for seekers navigating the intricate journey of life. Three cheers to Hari for this remarkable work—a beacon of light in the realm of self-help literature.

Beyond the Textbook: Dr. Hari’s Mindful Project Management Gems of Practical Wisdom

Forget dry academia – Dr. Hari’s Mindful Project Management is a treasure trove of real-world insights, honed over his 30-year journey in the corporate trenches. My best Learning is, Chapter 28, “Be Predictable,” it was a revelation, reframing predictability as a potent tool for efficiency and serenity, not a boring buzzword. This seasoned veteran, not just an “insight guru,” masterfully unveils the unspoken expectations, hidden landmines, and practical tools to navigate the corporate vortex. Think executive training disguised as a captivating read. You’ll learn to set unshakable expectations, master the art of conflict resolution, and conquer your goals without succumbing to the pressures of the corporate machine. Dr. Hari’s wisdom offers an escape from the unpredictability blues – unlock the code to your own success story with this invaluable book. Sanity and success? Guaranteed.

mindful project management

mindful project management represents a holistic approach that recognizes the interconnectedness of individual well-being and project success. By incorporating mindfulness practices, project managers can create a work environment that not only achieves project goals but also nurtures the personal and professional growth of team members.