Book: Windom in Awareness - Quotations for the Clarity

Book: Wisdom in Awareness

Quotations and Passages for the Clarity

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Human mind works best with sound, images, and smell. In the animal kingdom we are not among the strongest species. Yet we are thriving on this planet. In comparison to other animals of planet earth, our brain has evolved to the extreme. We can reason, imagine, remember many things, remember for a very long time, and we have intuition and telepathy. These capabilities came to us over millions of years of evolutionary process. Reading and writing characters, words, sentences is the latest capability in this evolutionary process. That is why every human knows how to use sounds, images, and smell for signaling and survival but many of us don’t know how to read letters of a single language. Reading words, sentences and books is painful for them. But there are some who can speak, read and write poetry and philosophy in multiple languages.

We know a picture can speak a thousand words but many of us cannot draw a circle or straight line correctly. But, this is about writing. There are many people who can read but cannot write. There are a few who can write and read in multiple languages. Even if you can write and draw, you know writing is easy compared to drawing, unless you are a wizard of painting and drawing.

Even if writing is easy compared to drawing, many people cannot even write. Reading a complex image is easy for many people rather than reading a paragraph. This is the reason compressing information in lesser words is important. But, in this process essense of the text should not be dropped or misrepresented. Quotations are the way to compress that information.

Wisdom is quintessential things which we develop within us, after listening, reading, observing, experimenting, and experiencing. Every human has some wisdom. When we want to share that wisdom, we take the help of letters, words, grammar, script, sound of any language and script. We can also take help of drawing. What we write or draw or speak is information for others. Whether it will become a listener’s or reader’s wisdom or not, it depends upon them. Before that information becomes wisdom for them it becomes knowledge for them.

I was fond of so-called one line wisdom quotations. Over the period of time I realized this has the following problems. “Wisdom Quotation” for speaker or writer is packed information for the readers, it is not wisdom for listeners and readers. Many times these quotations are trying to play with words and acronyms. Life is more than those words or acronyms of any language. Word play can help in memorization but it is not helpful in living a wise life. These quotations are trying to solace us or divert our mind to positive thinking but life is throwing some different stuff at the readers. Therefore the readers are able to memorize those short phrases but not able to handle them or apply them. Human life needs help in asking deeper questions rather than memorizing the answers. But these quotations are trying to answer many of our life problems. Therefore for the short term it okey, but in long you become a person of words not person of wisdom. People want to use templates for everything, even for the life they are looking for a template. Using a template with least mental and cognitive burden you can solve a problem quickly. But we know these templates don’t work when we try to apply them in our life. No matter how many templates you try, your solution will come from your own deeper questions and thinking. Templates can help but ultimately only a thinking mind can endure or come out of the problem. Other people get crushed or keep crying or hoping or blaming.

Keeping this all in mind, I wrote this book. In general, quotations or passages or paragraphs in this book are longer than normal quotations. The nature of the quotations in the book is different, they are provocative, force you to think, challenge the conventional way, and encourage readers to find a new way to come out of that mindset which has made you stuck in the web of words.

99% of the quotations in this book are coming from my reflections and meditative mood. Some of the quotations of other philosophers and thinkers have been used here, names of those are written below the respective quotations. I was writing these quotations on my quotation blog for a long period of time under my pen name “Advaitananda”. I have selected some of the quotations from there creating this, compiling them here in this book.

When there are two there is a relationship. A relationship of dependent and dependee. There is expectation in the relationship. When there is only one then all the relationship and expectations fades away. Life comes to the center. Advaita is a Sanskrit word, it means not two. Advaitananda means one who is established in the bliss of the Self.

Quotation Headings

  1. Life in Living Being
  2. Purpose of the Human Life
  3. Transactions in the World
  4. Map is not Road
  5. Six Topics to Think
  6. Morality vs Humanity
  7. Janmashtami 2021
  8. Happiness through Love
  9. Creating Wonderful Human
  10. Spiritual Gurus vs ML Engineer
  11. Existence without Adjectives
  12. Accept Life in Totality
  13. Self Beyond Word
  14. Worship
  15. Genius is Disease
  16. What is an Accident?
  17. Rationality
  18. What is Health?
  19. Respect vs Tolerance
  20. Touching Feet
  21. Inactivity
  22. Living and Dying
  23. Do not Kill your Body
  24. Looking into Eyes
  25. Immortality beyond Graveyard
  26. Mind is illness
  27. Falling in Love
  28. Do not get hooked on the words
  29. Pursuing Realty in Dream
  30. Life and God
  31. Means and Goal
  32. Meaning of Spiritual Life
  33. Language of the Cosmos
  34. Understanding, Interpreting, and Solutioning
  35. Food Habit
  36. Real Face
  37. Love and Moksha
  38. Happiness First
  39. Life Style & Happiness
  40. Love and Mind
  41. Bondage is our creation
  42. Sky can arrest you
  43. Purpose of Education
  44. Opposites Attracts
  45. What should we do, for the peace of Mind?
  46. Empty Mind
  47. God Supports the Weaker?
  48. Listener, Message and Messenger
  49. Circular Life
  50. Happiness and Friends
  51. Suffering, Pain, and Happiness
  52. Krishna and Cows
  53. Travel and Direction of Travel
  54. Our Mind
  55. Mind and Life
  56. Source of Words and Objects
  57. Defending in ignorance
  58. Arrogance
  59. Sensitive Heart
  60. Assumptions
  61. Symmetry for Survival
  62. Heating to Blasting
  63. Vijaya Dashmi
  64. Knowing Facts vs Realizing Truth
  65. Angerlessness is not Virtue
  66. Dissolve your Suffering
  67. Reflective Mind
  68. Natural Mind vs Cultured Mind
  69. Level of Living Philosophy
  70. Hard work vs Donkey Work
  71. Interpreting Math Formula
  72. Attitude towards Luck
  73. Source of Happiness
  74. Forgetting and Forgiving
  75. Mistaking, Blaming, and Forgiving
  76. World is Perfect
  77. What is Nididhyasana?
  78. Human Fear is Permanent
  79. Awareness
  80. Tragedy of Thinking
  81. Objectification of Subject
  82. Infinity Divider
  83. Type of Mind
  84. AI and Human Jobs
  85. Limitation of Grammar
  86. About Awareness
  87. Information Bombardment
  88. Three things to happen
  89. Worldly Joy
  90. Manas and Chaitnya
  91. Price of the Freedom
  92. Knowledge Base in Sanskrit
  93. Types of Vedanta
  94. The Way to know the Self
  95. Restfulness
  96. Saakshi of Mind
  97. Mindless Competition
  98. Context Based Learning
  99. Adjusting Intensity of Mamkaar
  100. Experience of True Self
  101. CSR and Charitable Indian
  102. Consciousness in Deep Sleep
  103. Who Am I?
  104. Unsupported Warranty
  105. Watching your Mind
  106. A Fast Moving Train
  107. Time Creation